Who are we?

We provide our readers with the latest in-game settings and peripherals which professional gamers and streamers make use of on a daily basis. We suggest making use of these settings as a baseline to get an idea how some settings will feel, obviously not everyone uses the same settings when playing online competitively but you will get a good idea of what to edit to be able to find your own comfort zone.

Our games list

We are always on the lookup for upcoming and rising games which will be available on the market. Here at pcprosettings.com since we are gamers ourselves and we strive to provide you with the latest in game settings for games such as Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Overwatch, Apex Legends & Rocket League. Keeping up with this big games list takes quite some time so if by any chance you encounter any settings which are outdated kindly let us know so that we can update them from our end.

How do we get our settings?

We are always on the lookout for gaming talents or popular players. We usually get our settings by chatting with streamers when they are doing a live stream on specific platforms. Some of the settings are also given to us by the players themselves since they are asked a lot for the settings they use. We are also given some settings by our readers themselves so if you have a specific player whose settings have not been added yet kindly let us know.

Gaming Peripherals Used?

The only gaming peripherals which will be shown on the website are those that are used by the player themselves. We are not making a list of which peripherals are best in today’s market but instead we are showing the peripheral which that specific gamer makes use of on a daily basis. The peripherals will also be updated accordingly every time the players data is updated on our list.